Monday, July 12, 2010

The things that grow in Iowa

Soil + Water + Sun makes things grow

For my 4th of July weekend I headed NW to visit the boy and his family. It had been four weeks since my last trip so I was excited to see how much had changed - the crops, the calves and the hair on his face - Ok maybe not so excited about the last one.

I grew up on a beef cattle operation. We buy all of our feed, so I was never involved in the crop side of things. This summer it's been really fun learning about a different aspect of agriculture, and the nerd in me in fascinated with corn.

Remember this picture from four weeks ago.

Well this is what it look like 4th of July weekend. And no I am not a midget. 

The boy said since I have left, the corn has now started to tassle. That's the next step in the growing process.

Other things in Iowa grow, like hair, and no this is not the boy. This is the boy's new future brother-in-law. It was a very exciting weekend. 

And to stereotype Iowa a little more, they have cattle liners in their parades.

And children ride in them like floats. Maybe she is the next Temple Grandin.

Until next time... tell me a little bit about your crops or maybe you are from town and you can learn about corn along with me. Ask questions and I'll try and find the answers. 


  1. I am also learning about crops. I'm a cattle girl too and Cody (my boyfriend) works for a custom harvester/planter guy in central, KS. I helped plant soybeans a couple of weeks ago. Luckily we had some rain so they are are starting to grow :) I am really hoping to help out with corn harvest since I missed out on the wheat.

  2. We just planted some corn our garden. Just three short, little rows....hope they tassle and the earwigs stay out:)

  3. I just about didn't recognize Jason...oh Lord, that boy...and to think, I helped he and his twin survive this long!

  4. Great pictures, Crystal! Love you standing in the corn and the cattle truck in the parade!

  5. In just 4 weeks? WOW! The cattle liner is awesome ;) Curious - is Jon growing facial hair? In the summer?

  6. I love the cattle liner. That is too funny...and oddly enough, I could sort of see that going down around here. :)

  7. I am headed up to Iowa again this weekend, so I'll have another corn report. Cheyenne I can tell you are from Canada like me because you also call them liners.


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