Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

I stand on guard for thee.

Well, for those of you who weren't aware today is July 1st, and that means it is Canada Day. It always surprises me how many of my American friends don't realize that we celebrate our independence just like Americans do. Last year, however, two of my American friends offered to go get Maple Leafs tattooed in secret locations. That didn't quite pan out.

Today there will be parades, fireworks, boating, and BBQs very similar to what will be happening south of the border in just a few more days. I spent many Canada Days at the Ponoka Stampede helping my cousin with his chuckwagon horses, and this year my family will be trying to make a trip over there again.

For my Canadian friends and readers, I hope you have a great time celebrating our great country today. Just remember that we don't need a specific holiday to celebrate our country, we can be proud of it everyday.

And if you need to spice up your house with a little Canada try these

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