Sunday, July 25, 2010

I think we are alone now.


Let me hear your heartbeat.
Let me feel your heartbeat.
Let me touch your heartbeat. 
I can change your heartbeat. 

First off, I never knew that Tiffany's famous song started off that way. Learn something new everyday. Secondly, I bring up this song because I got to make a road trip to the great farm state with a friend that really appreciates this song. But thirdly, I think I should tell you how I learned about this song.

You may not know, due to my klutzy tendencies, but I actually danced (ballet, lyrical, and jazz) for 12 years, and even took some classes in college. I remember in about first or second grade we did a jazz routine to I Think We Are Alone Now. We wore this two piece green and white polka outfit with a big green and white polka bow in our hair.

Listening, to this song now, I think why were we ever dancing to this song when we were seven years old. However I do know now that if I ever have to sing a karaoke song, I can sing this one by heart. Belt it out.


  1. Oh the memories from this song for me also with my friends creating our own 80's dance routine. And I live on the prairie so it most appropriate. We are alone.

  2. So great! I had honestly never heard this whole song before....sad, I know. We played it 3 times, my daughter threw on her princess dress and danced. Thanks!

  3. Ahhh, I LOVE this song! Good taste!


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