Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Turquoise Watches

And the time flies by

I am not a big watch wearer. I just the good ole cellphone to keep track of time. However, I did finally purchase a new watch on Abby and I's shopping adventure a couple weekends ago. I bought black, my friends would say shocking, as I owe a lot of black. However, it's Thursday so I am sticking to the turquoise train of thought.

I love these new jelly watches. You can purchase this watch here. Now this watch is a little more expensive, so if you are looking for a bargain check these options out. 
This is the watch I bought at my favorite western store for $15!

Almost bought the white one too. It reminds be of the white watch Sandra Bullock wore in The Blind Side. 


  1. I am partial to the white....pretty :)

  2. Nichole, I am actually not sure of the brand. It says made in Japan. If you google it, try jelly or silicone watches. It's really comfortable too.

  3. I think they are on sale at Nordstoms right now:)

  4. Crystal, where'd you find the white watch at? I love it!


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