Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm back, so let's talk about youth in agriculture

Hard to top a junior cattle show. 

So you may of noticed that around Tuesday of last week, I kind of disappeared from the blog. That's because I was in Denver for the National Junior Angus Show, the biggest event of the year for the American Angus Show. I talk a little bit about my experiences growing up attending cattle show here, and now I am excited to provide those opportunities for others.

During the show I work on all the publicity, results coverage and social media. Check out our facebook page when you get a chance and you can get a taste of all the fun that was had. Our biggest YouTube push is also this week. In six days I produced 10 videos that have generated more than 5870, and that number is growing. You can watch below or search National Junior Angus Show to see others. The kids and parents love these videos, but I love that fact that others than aren't as involved in agriculture can see the interaction  between kids and cattle.


  1. Crystal,
    You must have the coolest job ever...I would love to shadow you one day!

    Great work as always!

  2. What a fun week! Oh how I miss the days of showing livestock.

  3. It was a great week, and thanks for the compliment Wrenn. Your pictures are looking awesome.


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