Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Planning, well in advanced

Where did July come from?

Life is a little busy right now. Actually, my life is always a little busy. Tonight a good friend and I were planning our Halloween costumes already. Trust me, I know it is only July. The thing is this is completely normal for us. Too many of my really close friends live too far away. And their personal lives and work keep them equally as busy as me. It forces us to make time for each other by putting it on the calendar well in advance. It also means that when we are together we value that time, and try to make the most of it.

I do love to be spontaneous and just hang out, I just know that those moments are unique and not the norm.

I have lots to tell you from my July 4th weekend, but I am waiting for those pictures to arrive.

I also, want to warn you that the next two weeks the blogging will be a little slower than normal, but don't worry last week I worked on getting some in the store tank. Things I have been wanting to share with you for awhile just haven't had time. So keep on checking back.

Have a fantastic day!

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