Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet your Meat

Why it is important to tell our story

So people say there are two sides to every story. However, I have a hard time believing that what animal rights groups have to say about agriculture is a very accurate portrayal of the other side. That's because I grew up on a farm, a beef farm to be specific. Caring for our animals was the number one priority, and I don't think my family is unique. I have been on too many farms and have not seen the things that animal rights groups talk about.

I found this story awhile ago, and wanted to share it with you. Compassion for Animals and the Animal Rights Collective, two animal rights groups on George Mason University's campus, hosted their their third animal Pay-Per-View session. These two organizations paid students a $1 to watch a four-minute segment of "Meet Your Meat," an animal rights video. The video contains some extremely graphic footage of animal abuse. There are bad apples in this industry, but farmers and ranchers do not stand for this type of animal treatment and are trying to rid our industry of these people. The video says these are standard methods in animal production. This is not true.

Photo courtesy of Animal Right Collective Blog 

More than 35 students watched the video. I think we need to encourage some of the ag groups on campus to set up their own booths and do they same thing. Show people the truth, and communicate with the people that we are feeding.


  1. Do you suggest a video that we should share Crystal? There are a few that come to mind - but you're such an awesome advocate. Maybe you..cough cough...need to make one that's perfect ;) Hugs

  2. Very good points! Just wanted to share about a very different "Meet Your Meat" campaign that the Mizzou Collegiate Cattlewomen hosted to help educate their peers about farming:

    I think it is a great, creative example of aggies reaching out and sharing ag's story!

  3. Awesome idea Sara! Robyn there are lot of videos on our YouTube channel that show what ranches and farms are like, but I will try and find a specific one for you.


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