Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chipotle I am sorry, but it's official. We're over.

Good bye steak burrito. 

Chipotle and I have been in a rocky relationship for quite sometime. For you that don't know what Chipotle is they are fast food restaurant, that serves the most delicious burritos. They have this white rice with cilantro in it that's fabulous, however I have had a bone to pick with them for awhile, and when I found out that they and HSUS have crawled into bed together well that put the final nail in the coffin.

Maybe one of my College of Ag friends can remind me of the year, but back when I was at K-State Chipotle was running at ad campaign, that as I farmer I took major offense to.

The also has another ad that read something along the lines of. "I'll get my drugs from the pharm, not the farm."

Both these ads were in response to Chipotle using antibiotic free meat, and the second ad appeared in our school newspaper. Now let me say this loud and clear - I do not care what type of meat you choose to eat - organic, antibiotic free, conventional raised, etc., however I do not appreciate others discrediting one method to make their product look superior. My family chooses to use antibiotics because we know that they can help our sick animals get better.

K-State College of Ag students responded to the advertisements with letters and comments, Chipotle responded by trying to give coupons out to the students, which we refused to accept.

Chipotle now has a new ad campaign, but they have been major supporters of Micheal Pollan and Food Inc. Again, feel free to criticize our modern farming techniques, but it's important to offer solutions and please don't promote half truths.

And now Chipotle you have really done it this time. Chipolte, and it's 100 locations in Ohio have aligned themselves with HSUS. Chipotle is now listed as business endorsing Ohioans for  Humane Farms, HSUS's attempted to stop the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. So although, I haven't enjoyed one of your burritos in almost three years, I will be making sure that my friends and industry members know what you have been up to.

Their support against agriculture is not appreciate.


  1. Thanks for the info Crystal. This is something I can get behind too. I too have been on the teeter totter with Chipotle for some time as well. But now, I've officially been pushed off and they will no longer be getting my business. Nice post.

  2. We don't have Chipotle in Memphis, but thanks for passing on the info.

  3. I'm with ya girl! As sad as I am about not having a burrito in ages, I can't do it again..

  4. We don't have Chipotle on Mexico (we DO have a chili we call chipotle, though), but it's nice to know which business aren't worth the money to go to.

    I can get you some burrito recipes if you want, El Paso TX is the place to go for home made burritos!

  5. Thanks for all your comments. We have as much power as other consumers, and can certainly vote with our own wallets.

  6. To hell with Chipotle!! Bring Qdoba to Manhattan!!!! I'm looking for a franchise partner....

  7. Did my comment not get posted??

  8. BK I am not sure what happened. I didn't see a comment from you. Feel free to post it again!


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