Monday, May 10, 2010

Smiling... It's my favorite thing to do.

The great road tip of 2010.

Mission: Get to Stillwater, Okla., as fast you can. Upon arrival have as much fun as you can. Don't forget to make Oklahoma shaped pancakes.

Team members: Doc will be picked up from the K.C. airport, and travel southbound with you. Other team members will congregate in the Trailer Park, before moving to the Weed and then the Penny.

Completion Date: May 2, 2010

Well it is time to give you an update on my Calf Fry 2010 roadtrip. And today seems like a great day to do it because it is gloomy, ugly and rainy outside, but all the CF10 memories put a smile on my face.

Day One: We arrived the first night, and truly got to experience Oklahoma red dirt. Not only was Randy Rogers playing on stage, but the wind was sending all kinds of red dirt through the air.

Day Two: We recovered by heading to Eskimo Joes for some bacon, cheese fries. They are pretty much amazing. We also got to experience a drive through Beer Store. Yes, the great things you will find in Oklahoma.

That night we had a cook out, where we learned that the Trailer Park Goddess is much better at cold food items than warm food. Crab pasta salad = excellent, burgers that turned in sliders = average. That night we listened to the Bellamy Brothers, and tried to think about marketing technique for a new business venture.

Day two also meant me whipping up an entire loaf of my Oklahoma shaped French toast. Who knew Canadian were so talented. It was a late night as we debated worldly topics like the conditions in South Africa and the procedures that take place before you can hunt a Big Horned sheep.

Day Three: Recovery took longer, however we made sure we were ready in time for the Derby. Since there wasn't a clear winner there was a lot of jumping ship before people looked in their final vote. I was glad that ole Calvin, that toothless cajun, won again. As my dad says it's all about the jockey.

Day three continued into the night, as we prepared for our annual pub crawl where I was once again reacquainted with my favorite summertime beverage (you'll have to email me for more details). We were unable to find anyone to play us Sweet Caroline, but we did find a few characters along the way. The annual Dirty Girls picture was once again taken, minus a few key members, but I expect them to return next year.

Day Four: The mission was complete, although I don't think anyone really wanted it to end. Too many good things happened, to make new friendships formed. I highly recommend you all adding Calf fry ot your 2011 calendar. I know I'll be there.

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  1. That looks like a blast! Drive threw beer store, gotta love it!


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