Monday, May 24, 2010

PETA and leather purses

Come armed with facts. 

Last week I wrote about PETA and their attempt to advertise with Southwest. My post generated a response from one of my followers, Mandy Harfield. (I always love when I get emails from my readers, HINT, HINT.) Back to the point, Mandy said my post hit right on target because she had her own PETA experience a few days before.
I work in downtown Dallas at an oil company and the Dallas Museum of Art is right across the street from us. Yesterday, one of the local bbq places was holding an event at the museum. Somehow PETA found out and sent a few people over there to protest with a bunch of protesting signs. They were protesting tail docking. Itreally got under my skin.
They were really into it though. One of their guys had a computer monitor strapped to his chest and they were showing a video about tail docking and how cruel it was and how we should all be vegans. I was standing in our lobby just fuming watching them try to influence people. I was amongst a few other people and I was griping about how the girl out there that seemed to be in charge was holding a big leather hand bag and hadon shoes that I’m sure were made of leather.
One of the guys that works here, who is also an agriculture advocate, went over there and starting asking them questions and they refused to answer him. They just ignored him when he started asking them what they thought their handbags were made of and all sorts of other questions. Needless to say, the left a few minutes after he came back inside.  
It kind of shocked me that they didnt blow up in his face with all of these so called facts they have about animal cruelty.
That's the thing, a lot of these PETA protesters don't have the facts. They just know that emotion and sex sells and that is what they use. They like to draw attention to themselves and use shock-and-awe tactics very effectively. I am glad that their was an "agriculture advocate" that went over there and spoke with them. Sometimes this situations can be difficult, but we need to stand up and make sure our voice is heard. 


  1. Love it! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. No problem. Thanks for emailing me your story.


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