Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What about the pie?

I'll try and not ramble.

On Tuesday, I spoke at the Livestock Publication Council Midwest Regional Workshop on video and social media. It went great. The fellow that spoke after me was quite the character, Chuck's his name. He's a journalism that has actually recognizes that most people don't read newspapers in their hands anymore. He understands that times are changing and you better find multiple was to communicate with your audience. Excellent point. Don't stop learning. Evolve.

However, that's not the point of this post. In my presentation I brought up sale lot videos. Chuck asked me during his presentation what were these things, he had never heard of them - were they like online sales? I responded that you can have an online sale, but the videos I was referring to were individual videos of animals to help in promotion.

"Really, online sales?" he responded again, "What about the pie?" For anyone that has been to auction market or a sale you know how good the pie is. You usually won't find a better burger or piece of strawberry pie in town. It's probably one of agriculture's great traditions that nobody ever thinks about. Chuck's solution was that if people were going to sit a home and buy cattle online, that you should at least send them a picture of how good that pie looked so you don't miss out on everything.


  1. Excellent blog Crystal--I love the old guys eating pie at the sale barn!

  2. Crystal - I have to comment because this story makes me bust up every time I hear it. My brother and I remember Grandpa going to the Dodge City Sale Barn cafe and eating what he thought was sour cream raisin pie. He said it wasn't all that great and had a funky taste to it. We found out later when we had to stop every 5 miles on the way home!!! Let's just say we don't think there were raisins in that pie :)

  3. I might do just that the next sale I do online:) Might make it a heck of a lot more fun for everyone! LOL


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