Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crystal goes to New York City

Watch out here I come. 

So remember last year when my sister, and our two other partners in crime went to Vegas last year? (If you miss it click just search Vegas on my blog.) Well, we planned another trip this year to New York City. That's right, way exciting. However, there was one little hiccup, I couldn't go in May and told my sister to look at her calendar and find another day. Super. Then my sister calls back the next week and says, "Um yeah, we are going without you." Thanks sister.

Luckily, they felt I needed to be included and this is what that looked liked.

That would be me (the Barbie Doll) hanging out in Central Park.

I love New York Cab drivers. 

Can't forget about work. Promoting Certified Angus Beef.

Supposedly, I loved the New York pizza. 

So that was my trip. If you want a few more details you can jump over to my sister's blog and check things out. 


  1. haha!

    Too awesome! :)

    Love the first picture.

  2. Thanks! My sister is pretty ingenious sometimes!


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