Friday, May 7, 2010

This is good stuff

You can quote me on this. 

Today a little bulb went off. And this is how it went. Don't stop reading, because the light bulb isn't until the end. And if you don't have cattle or are in ag then just read the last few lines. This still applies to you.

Me: I am looking though a sale catalog we just found, from J.C. Penny's 1953 bull sale. With prices in it.

Friend: Dang... Don't see that everyday.

Me: It's really cool.

Friend: What did they bring?

Me: The highest one I have found was just over $8,000, and lots in the high twos. That's a lot of money for back then.

Friend: Yeah it was but when you think that a bu. of corn is as close to the same price today as it was then it makes ag prices a little different compared to other things... but I could be wrong

Me: Yeah. But the productivity won't be the same. It's interesting to think a lot of guys would be happy with having a bull sale like that today.

Friend: I sure wouldn't hate it for myself, but I think my dad might be sad.

Me: Haha. I think I would be sad too. When you are OK with average you get average. That's the problem with a lot of people.

When you are OK with average you get average.

That line sums up a lot of things. I had never put it into words, but I think I hit the nail on the head. I don't live an average life, because I want to be more than average. 


  1. Awesome post - I'm proud of you for wanting more than "average" - that sets you apart from the world. Hugs

  2. True! True! True!
    Thanks for dropping by the blog improvement week.
    Me thinks that you have some wisdom to share with all...oh, wait you are...on the blog for all to read.
    Very good. sometimes I miss the obvious. ;)

  3. Well said, Crystal. I enjoy reading your words of wisdom!

  4. Well-said . . . and something to think about! Nice to meet you!

  5. Love this! Words to live by that is for sure!


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