Monday, May 17, 2010

Five Years ago it didn't even exist - Welcome YouTube

Technology keep on moving forward.

My morning routine goes check facebook, check email, check YouTube, update Twitter.

In 2008 I created an YouTube account for a division of the American Angus Association, so we could post videos from the National Junior Angus Show. I had watched a few videos on there before, but it was a little bit foreign to me. I mean I knew that there were all kinds of people watching cats dance on their hind legs and kids doing tricks on their skateboards, but I wasn't really sure if people wanted to watch agriculture content. By the end of  the week eight videos had been posted, and they had a combined viewership of more than 3,000 people. I knew I was onto something.

Today, our YouTube channel has grown to almost 200 videos and is rapidly approaching 200,000 views, and we aren't the only ag folks telling our story via YouTube.

This month YouTube turns 5 years old. Who knew that it would explore in the collection of information and entertainment that it is today. Here's a little video on the timeline of YouTube.

Last week, and over the weekend things were a little busy, and things aren't going to change this week, but I hope to fill you all in soon. Happy Monday.

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