Tuesday, February 8, 2011

365 Days of Beef

Hamburger, T-bone, KC strip...

Could you do it? 365 days of beef, sure sounds good to me. After Oprah ran her special on "Going Vegan" Scott Bennett decided that he would do the exact opposite and add even more meat to his diet. This 22-year-old from Blackburg, Virginia, will document his journey through his blog 365 Days of Beef.

I think this is a fantastic way to celebrate I Heart Beef month - year round. Not only will he get to experience the benefits of lean beef, but he is surely going to get lots of questions about his project, which will allow him to talk about the beef industry and agriculture.

Today is the first day of Scott's adventure, wish him luck and be sure to check out his 365 Days of Beef blog


  1. Thanks for passing this along! Nutritional anthropologist in me is extremely interested in this little study. I've left him a couple of comments i think could add to his work :). Beef lover in me cannot wait for the results!

  2. Thanks for sharing Crystal. This is a great idea and I'll definitely drop by his blog to see how his process goes.

  3. Crystal,

    Thanks so much for the publicity! I've been overwhelmed with the support so far. I'm really excited, and already have some great ideas for the coming days/weeks.

    Everyone please stop by and leave a comment!

    Scott Bennett

  4. Thanks for your comment Crystal. I like your blog, it is excellent reading. I like your color system for tasks done. Good on you. Yeah my blog is about Animal Identification, which is more or less all resources for Cattle and Livestock producers.
    Livestock Auction Traceability Initiative


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