Monday, February 14, 2011

Cows and Flowers

Happy Valentines Day

This past weekend I headed to Iowa to help the Boy get his Iowa Beef Expo cattle ready. He'll be selling a Horned Hereford bull and show heifer prospect, as well as another bull owned by a junior member that he helps throughout the year.

All day Saturday we spend washing, blowing (we use a huge blow dryer to get the cattle dry) and working hair. Feeding and bedding cattle, and maybe a little time playing with his bottle baby. That night it was a steak supper at his parents.

Repeat on Sunday. This time the cattle had to be clipped and I ran to McDonalds to get lunch for the boys. How romantic.

Yes, I did receive some beautiful flowers, but Valentines was pretty low key. Just us and the cattle. Would not have wanted it any other way. Got to spend time doing one of my favorite things with my favorite person.

Roses and the bulls

And don't forget there are lots of reasons to choose steak for your Valentines Day dinner. 

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