Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cowhide, crosses and turquoise - Turquoise Thursday

Ooh and aah. 

Last weekend I visited my friend Abby. She's been looking for the perfect T.V. stand, something unique. It just so happens that she visited my favorite store in Manhattan, Kansas - the Front Porch. I probably shopped in this store way too much in college - accumulating more stars than the Boy probably prefers ;)

Abby just so happened to find her perfect T.V. stand their, and to my excitement it was turquoise! The stand is also carried by a company called Black Forest Decor, and these are my finds.

Some times you just need a little bit of turquoise. Like the turquoise nuggets on this cowhide table runner

And sometimes you need a lot. This turquoise cross hutch is awesome. I could set up lots of buffets on this. They have several pieces that match this piece on their website

I love this piece. I think of a million place I would put this turquoise night stand. I price makes me a little sad though. 


  1. I LOVE THE FRONT PORCH! I have convinced myself to go in there without my purse. These are gorgeous pieces and I would love to own every single one of them.

  2. Gorgeous turquoise cabinets.

  3. I'll take one of each thanks you very much!!!

    I been meaning to tell you that you and your blog was mentioned at the Farm Bureau YF& are offically famious!! ;) I didn't meet your friend, but maybe next year I will have a chance to run into her.

  4. Beautiful. I love turquoise. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Glad you all enjoyed them so much! Now if money only grew on trees.


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