Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things don't always go right

Hard and cold days.

If you haven't noticed it's been cold out, and snowy out, and I think most people are pretty tired of it. I really try not too hard to complain because I am inside typing this blog post while my family and the Boy are calving cows.

The majority of Canadian cattlemen and lot of U.S. cattlemen are all calving cows right now. You may wonder why in the world would you calve right now, as the mercury keeps on dropping, but there is some logic.

1. If you are a purebred cattlemen (cattle are only one breed, and have a registration paper) you are wanting to calve now so come next year the bull calves, that were born this year, will be big enough and mature enough to breed cows. Clear as mud?

2. Calving now allows your calves to grow more and be bigger at sale time during the fall. More pounds = more dollars. Also, these older calves will be able to go right into the feedlot.

3. Although, it is cold right now I would much rather calve in the snow than mud. Calves stay healthier in constant temperatures. In March, when you can have huge temperature swings calves can get sick quick.

Although we try and provide the best care possible things can go wrong.

My sister took this picture at our farm over the weekend.
This little guy was born at my parent's farm and he froze his ears. He'll be fine, he just won't have big fluffy ears like all his other buddies. This sometime happens when momma won't stop licking their ears, thus leaving them wet, when it gets extremely cold out or if there is a lot of humidity in the air.

I loved this picture from @purelymom. Becky is a ranch wife, like all farmers and ranchers, know that those that help provide income for the house, might also have to be brought inside it once in awhile. Sometimes if a calf has to be pulled it will take them a little while to be steady on their own, or sometimes because of the weather calves will get real cold and need to be brought into a warm area. 

Becky's little girl reminded me of my sister and I. We loved when a calf had to come inside. That meant we had easy access to pet and hang out with them as much as we wanted. 

p.s. You won't want to miss tomorrow's Turquoise Thursday


  1. So funny....I finally got a blog about the same thing all ready to go for Friday! :)

  2. I love that picture!!! It just makes you go "Aww!"

  3. This picture is amazingly wonderful :)
    MeMoRy *country guh*

  4. Johnson LivestockFebruary 12, 2011

    Calving at any time of year here in Saskatchewan can be trying. Its either too wet, cold or hot. We are in it because we love it and seeing all that new genetic potential keeps us warm inside.

  5. Couldn't agree with you more Johnston Livestock!

  6. It's true-there wasn't anything better as a kid than a calf in the house, eh? I would've hauled them outta the entrance into my bed if I could of. Best memories ever. This photo is priceless.


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