Friday, February 25, 2011

The Farmer's Trophy Wife and Farm Journal

Giving gratitude

What an awesome Friday. First this morning when I woke up I noticed that The Farmer's Trophy Wife had put together a selection of Crystal Cattle style Etsy goods for my birthday countdown. (Check back tomorrow, for more of my favorite things.)

I have no idea how she read my mind so well. Ever since my trip to Australia I have been looking for vintage burlap feed sacks to make pillows out of. 

I also was super surprised when I saw this tweet come across in my Twitter feed today. 

Thank-you to Anna-Lisa Giannini and Farm Journal for the Follow Friday shout-out. You can read the write up on

Anna-Lisa is an awesome agvocate herself and has recently started working for Farm Journal. It is great to see so many young agriculturist out there. 

And finally to Rachel at Ranch House Designs. I have always admired Rachel and all I have to say is...

I have a very exciting surprise for you on Monday! Stay tuned. 


  1. What a great day for you!

  2. I am in love with the Shabby Chic ring. Happy upcoming birthday!

  3. Aww I don't like surprises, I want to know now!! Just kidding, can't wait to see what it is!!


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