Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am Am Angus inspiration

Climbing mountains. 

Well it is the middle of the week, a crazy week. Not only is the company I work for in the middle of board meetings, but we are about to send the next installment of I am Angus out the door. I am really excited about this next episode. I mean we are talking Temple Grandin, Bernie Rollins, and the amazing Chelsea Good, amongst others. People talking about the connection between the food we eat and the people that raise it.

The show will air on Monday, February 28, at 7 CST on RFD-TV (go ahead, mark your calendars!) And for those that don't have RFD-TV you can tune into YouTube to watch all the segments. In the meantime I leave you with the first I am Angus we ever shot. I have posted this video on here before, but I think everyone could use a reminder once in awhile, that no matter the hurdle we can not only move passed it but succeed.


  1. This is my favorite 'I am Angus' segment -- Clinton is a great friend and a wonderful person! I am blessed to have him in my life! Thanks for sharing this Crystal!

  2. Was it supposed to make me cry? Because it did. ;)

  3. that is sooo inspirational. thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Thank you, Crystal, for sharing that. I'm going to set the DVR for Monday night. Great work!

  5. Glad you girls enjoyed it. I hope you'll tune into I am Angus on Monday, and I'll be sure to post some more of the videos.


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