Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Heart Beef Month

Love me some steak

This month is I Heart Beef month, and I hope you are ready for some mouth-watering, healthy and nutritious beef meals. I mean when nearly twice as many Americans selected beef versus chicken (that would be me) when asked which satisfies you as much as chocolate does, beef seems like a good choice for you, your family and friends.

But wait I thought red meat wasn't good for you?

Oh but it is, especially the 29 lean cuts of beef available. These 29 lean cuts of beef contain a total fat content that falls between a skinless chicken breast and and a skinless chicken thigh, when comparing cooked 3-ounce servings. Some of my favorite cuts include Top Sirloin Steak, Top Round Roast, 95% Lean Hamburger and Brisket. An easy way to remember which cuts are lean is by looking for round or loin in the name.

You have 13 days left...

The count down to Valentines Day is on, and it's time to think about how you'll spend it with your special someone (whether that is your date or all the girlfriends hanging out). Instead of spending money on chocolates that will go right to our hips or money on eating out at an expensive restaurant why not stay in and serve up a steak!

Check our the Leah Beyer's blog Beyer Beware for her hunk of meat Mondays. She has sent me her favorite recipe BBQ Brisket and Pork Roast (got support the other guys too) and it looks delicious.

And if you are a beef lover consider adding the I Heart Beef picture to your blog, facebook page, Twitter account etc.


  1. Added the I Heart Lean Beef to my blog, and I will definitely post a Fishless Friday recipe again this week! Thanks Crystal!

  2. I love beef, steak, roasts, kabobs, just, please whatever you do DON'T overcook it.

    Medium rare please, nice and juicy and moist. Unlike my meats professor at Okla State, I don't eat it raw, medium rare is cooked thank you very much.

    From one Ag (Animal Science) major to another I really like your blog. Thanks for comments on mine.

  3. Oh, and LOVE your new blog look Crystal!

  4. Glad you will both be participating! ndjmmom you are exactly right, an overcooked steak ruins everything. Medium rare is my favorite.

    Suzie, that's for the comment on the new blod redesign. I will have a new header in a couple of weeks. I'll have to link up to your Fishless Recipe!

  5. Good post Crystal, may I use some of the nutritional info for my blog and facebook friends?

  6. Tim, that would be great! Feel free to share with others, you can link back to my blog or my Crystal Cattle facebook page. Hope everything is great up north!


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