Thursday, February 24, 2011

Turquoise Bar Stools -Turquoise Thursday

Loving these.

Remember when last week I said I got two amazing gifts from the Boy's family. Well here is the second.

These turquoise bar stools were an early birthday present, and I love them. They found them when they were down in Texas for the Fort Worth Stock Show. Just another reason why I must get back there next year. 


  1. OMG loving those girl!! The boy's fam has my approval :)

  2. Ahhhh! I DO LOVE THESE! So cute! I'm obsessed with your Turquoise Thursdays!! LOVE IT!

  3. HOLY COW these are gorgeous! Now all I need is a) a salary to buy things like this and b) a house to put them in!

  4. I love those!!! I seen this website the other day and thought of you immediatly. If you are like me you would choke at the price but there are a couple things I think you would love to see.

  5. These are amazing, I am in love with them!

  6. Those look great! My dad has always loved western wall decor, and turquoise even more! I think something like this would be a great Christmas gift!


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