Friday, February 25, 2011

Pimp my ride - cattlemen's style

You'll see us coming.

I love walking through parking lots and unexpectingly seeing license plates and bumper stickers supporting agriculture.

The Classic Beef It's What's For Dinner bumper sticker. You are usually able to get these stickers from your state Beef Council.

 Now these plates are my favorite! It makes me very sad that in Missouri we have found plates and I can't use mine.

Here's a throwback for you. Going back a few years is one of my great friends and I being super sales women, at K-State Cattlemen's Day. You can purchase the K-State Eat Beef license plates from the KSU Collegiate Cattlewomen.

And if you don't bleed purple maybe you bleed orange. Eat Beef Oklahoma State style with this fundraiser by the OSU Collegiate Cattlewomen.

This bumper stick I found on my trip to Australia. It was a on a side of a boat. Probably not a truer statement.

And sometimes those bumper sticker wear out, but this is still my favorite one.
Eat Beef - The west wasn't won on chicken.


  1. I love displaying the EAT BEEF pride! I have 6 different variations of Arizona Beef license plates hanging on a wall in my office - 2 of them are dated 1966 and 1967. I love how states have their own collections!

  2. Love that last one!!!!
    Funny and very true!!!

  3. Our Federation of Agriculture has "Eaten Lately? Thank a Farmer" license plates that are a variation on what you saw in Australia.

  4. When the BSE incident happened up here MLA's handed out really gaudy "Eat Canadian Beef" ones, my grandparents plastered them on ALL there vehicles - one that I just so happened to inherit! The message was great but the sticker was darn ugly! I love the ones you shared!

  5. Lovin' the aussie one!! (Being an aussie myself) and all the Eat Beefs!! Bugger! Now i am hungry :)


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