Friday, March 11, 2011

Amazing Cowboy Boot - K-State Style

Love them, love him

And ladies and gentlemen this is why I love Frank Martin.

Frank Martin knows how to rock the K-State Cowboys. 

And I wonder if Frank Martin's wife was wearing there K-State cowboy boots. Now, for those that aren't K-State fans, I mean I am not really sure why you wouldn't be, but Nocana makes a ton a different college cowboy boots, and a really cool men's square toe style similar to this. 

Now let's play some better basketball in the tournament. 


  1. LOVE those boots

    Sad loss for the Cats...

  2. Wow! My husband introduced me to your site. Great boots. I knew I loved Frank! I went to UGA and was on the livestock and horse judging teams. I was never great, but it was the best activity that I ever participated in.

  3. Love this blog, Crystal! About a week ago my brother texted me a picture of the OSU version he found in a awesome!

  4. Glad you girls enjoy! Maybe they will end up on a birthday or Christmas wish list!

  5. Excellent.Thank you for this........


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