Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ever wanted to try your hand at farming?

Farmer for a day

Consumers have become more active in learning where their food comes from, farmers have become more active at opening the gates to their farms and showing you where food comes from. But what if you could step foot on a farm. Actually drive a tractor, enjoy the smells of the farm (OK, maybe some aren't so enjoyable) and touch a cow? All of this is being promised in the It Starts in Iowa "Be Our Guest - Be a Farmer" contest.

One of the Iowa Farm Families
excited to meet you. 
According to ItStartsInIowa.com this is your chance to play farmer for a day. The winner (accompanied by up to three guests) will be treated to a three-night, four-day "vacation" to Iowa in August 2011. The prize package includes:

  • Air fare, ground transportation and hotel accommodations;
  • Personal, guided tours of several farms;
  • An opportunity to visit with several farmers, participate in farm “chores,” drive a tractor and join a farm family for a made-from-scratch dinner! and
  • Free admission to the 2011 Iowa State Fair (to be held Aug. 11-21) where you can stroll through the 445-acre grounds, take in shows, enjoy almost every food imaginable and see the Big Bull and Big Boar!

Just follow this link to enter!

Sure it may not be a trip to Disneyland or an all inclusive vacation on a beach, but isn't important for your children to see the hands that are feeding them. That food doesn't come from a grocery store, but is grown in dirt or pastures? Let me know if you enter, and good-luck!


  1. I hope you get lot's of entrees!

    Thanks your're doing a great job!

  2. This is great! I will most definitely share this on my blog too!

  3. This is so great!


  4. This is a great idea! Love it!

  5. Tiffany, maybe you can convince so of your co-workers to enter and then you could tag along!

  6. Such a great initiative - the Australian National Farmers Federation are also running a similar program called FARMDAY which is an annual event inviting city families to spend a weekend experiencing life on Australian farms. The website is www.farmday.com.au if you want to read more.

  7. Love it! Gotta be honest, I chuckled a little at the made-from-scratch dinner part... That'll be awesome for whoever wins the package!


  8. Appreciable effort.Thanks a lot


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