Thursday, March 17, 2011

She's Famous

Covergirl strikes again

Remember Serena's Iowa Cattlemen's cover shot, well now she is appearing in the Boy's local paper as part of National Ag Week.

What kind of relationship do you have with your local media? This picture provided an awesome opportunity for the Boy not only to promote JJB Cattle Company, but to also create a relationship with the newspaper. Hopefully, in the future when they are covering agricultural topics they won't google where their food comes from, and instead talk to a farmer.  

I remember a tweet from Debbie Lyons Blythe that suggested when the weatherman asks for pictures from you family why not send them a photo of your livestock out in the snow. Certainly, something that can be continued through this long awaited spring!


  1. that's awesome! Congratulations and yay for national ag week!

  2. She's going to be hard to live with... hehe

  3. Thanks for sharing this post........


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