Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicken nuggets without the chicken


Last week I was at the KSU Cattlemen's Day. It is always tradition to stop by the Beef Council Booth because you know they are going to have some type of beef goodness for you to try, and this year was no exception.

See that little breaded crispy thing in my hand? That would be a Tamale Stix and it was delicious. The Beef Council is working hard to come up with new and quick ways for you to serve your family beef and this is a potential idea. 

Tamale Stix Ingredients
Seasoned Ground Beef
Queso sauce
Golden Brown Breading
Flour Tortilla Flakes

I could definitely see myself getting home from work and throwing a few of these in the oven for my supper. I also tried the Santa Fe Beef Plank. Yum. 

Santa Fe Beef Plank Ingredients
authentic shredded beef
sharp cheddar cheese
pepper jack cheese
sour cream
in crispy corn crumb coating

Or how about some of these instead of the same ole chicken fingers or a fun appetizer at tailgates.

Finally, I have to share my dessert from the night before.  

This was a red velvet cake. The little steer on top was chocolate and it said rare. Too cute. 

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