Thursday, March 31, 2011

Turquoise Leather

It's Thursday!

That means, A. yesterday was Wednesday, B. one more day to the weekend, C. I leave for San Antonio today, D. It's time for more turquoise, let's go with E. All of the above.

*WARNING* Don't look at the prices. You may have a heart attack.

I found this turquoise leather chair, but it's no longer available. So we'll just have to pretend how good it would look in our homes. 

However, this one is probably better anyways. I mean we are talking turquoise and cowhide. I think I would finish the two books I am reading Click (it's awesome) and Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (The Pioneer Woman's book) rather quickly if I could sit in a chair like that. 

And why not one more option for good measure. I mean you might want to sit by your friend. My friend Anna at Life Be Delicious was inspired to start her own Turquoise Thursday and featured these King Ranch turquoise chairs on her blog a couple weeks ago. Awesome is the word I use here.

Also, I must mention that I did get a couple things for my birthday that were apart of my Turquoise Thursday blogs. I know many of you in your birthday wishes said that you hoped I my day would be filled with turquoise. Happy Thursday!


  1. They are all great - but I really love that first chair!!

  2. wow... I am in love with the second chair. Why, oh why, does it have to cost that much money?!?!

  3. Those chairs are awesome, I'm just not sure which I like better!

  4. I just need need need the first chair...or the second. I love your Turquoise Thursdays all together.
    Thanks for your comment today on my blog.


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