Thursday, March 17, 2011

Turquoise Wood Furniture

Good night, sleep tight. 

I love it when I get blogging suggestions from my readers and this was a good one. Michael Plate, MDP Woodworks, sent me these pictures last night of night stand his wife finished for a customer.

Isn't it pretty. 

And I love the details on the drawer pulls. I don't think I have ever seen anything like them before. 

You'll have to check out Michael's website to see all of their beautiful custom woodworking pieces. And I can quickly see that they are great cattlemen with comments like this on their website

It’s been tough to stay in the shop lately, we are deep into our Fall calving season, and it can be quite demanding! But I have been able to get this Humidor done in the past two weeks. A close friend of my son has developed an interest in cigars and needed a humidor. And before my son left for college he asked if I could build it for his buddy. And since I have never developed an ability to say no to my kid, of course I would. (I would have done it anyway because his friend is a good one too!) So in between trips to the pasture, I got started. 


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