Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DRIVE Livestock Magazine Give-A-Way


Towards the end of February I got more exciting news, and I figured since it was March it was time to share. p.s. I saw this status to March > February - couldn't agree more. Ok enough stalling.

This is the March issue of DRIVE magazine. And that is my photo on the cover! Wahoo. 
DRIVE is a livestock magazine that I think is extremely fresh and exciting in terms of their content. I know that not all of you that read my blog have livestock, but it will give you a little sneak peak into my life, so don't be afraid to enter. 

To celebrate I'm having a give-a-way. Up for grabs is are copies of the March issue of DRIVE. That's right, there will be more than one winner. 

How to enter. 
1. Leave me a comment about what you are looking forward to in March. 
2. Like the DRIVE facebook page 
3. Comment on the DRIVE blog. That's right they have their own blog with some great posts!
4. Like my Crystal Cattle facebook page

Now, if you do items 2 through 4 you need to let me know by commenting on this blog. 
Good luck! 

We'll draw for the prizes on Monday, February 7.


  1. Crystal -

    Your new design is amazing!

    I'm most looking forward to working at the Oklahoma Youth Expo and dancing with @Pokeu85 on the mirrored dance floor at Chisolms!

    BTW, you are a #SM, ag-vocate rockstar. Keep up the amazing work.


  2. That is awesome! Good for you!

  3. Crystal,
    I love your blog, and Turquoise Thursday's are my favorite days to see what cute new things you have! The photo you did on the cover is awesome, perfect perspective of a "show mom" or in my case "show big sister". I would pretty much love to be as great of an agriculture promoter as you are one day!

    What I am most looking forward to March is that Stock Show Season in Texas is almost over.. because that means we get to go pick out new baby heifers to show at Stephen F. Austin!

    I hope that I am in the running for a copy of Drive!


  4. thats the greatest news! my goals for the month of march:
    1. get through calving
    2. celebrate our sons 10th birthday
    3. celebrate our 12th anniversary
    4. go to a scott kelby seminar
    5. hopefully win with our simmy
    simmy heifer at kentucky expo

  5. 1. I am looking forward to starting my career! While college was wonderful, I am definitely looking forward to a new adventure. I accepted an associate director position with Ranchland Trust of Kansas, an affiliate of the Kansas Livestock Association, in Topeka, Kan.
    2. "Liked" the Drive facebook page.
    3. Commented on the Drive blog, "Judging Season" written by Renae Tokach.
    "I created so many great memories from my livestock judging experience. Best of luck in your livestock judging career!"
    4. I already "Like" the Crystal Cattle facebook page.

    Your photo on the cover is great!

  6. Love the new design on your blog!

    In March I am looking forward to the FIRST EVER Alaska State Livestock Contest - public speaking, judging, and skill-a-thon. I have been working toward this for the past five years. I am also looking forward to the last three Suffolk ewes lambing and the snow going away.

    I "liked" the Drive page, left a comment on their blog and I already "like" your Crystal Cattle page.

  7. In March I am looking forward to getting our business website up! woo hoo!

  8. I "like" the Crystal Cattle FB page.

  9. I would love to win a copy of the magazine and see what it is all about. I'm a farm kid too and enjoy your blog (and a photographer).

    I look forward to having our first baby calf on the ground any day now....and then all the mama cows having babies.

  10. First off---I absolutely LOVE your photo and see why it made the cover! It's fantastic!

    Second--I'm looking forward to going home to wean lambs in March before our sale in April! :)

    Third---I like your facebook page.

  11. Great photo, you can almost feel the excitement of waiting for your class.
    Your Blog is looking great as usual - you have converted me into a regular blogger.
    Please send a copy of Drive to Australia for other young livestock can view this new exciting magazine.

  12. Hello Miss Crystal...
    1) What I am mosting looking forward to in March is: Having the National Jr. Hereford Assoc. Board at my family's place for their spring meetings 3-17 to 3-20th
    2) I have LIKED the DRIVE FB page
    3) Yet to be completed (will let you know:)
    4) Of Course I have "LIKED" the Crystal Cattle FB Page for some time! Love the details!
    Happy Wednesday

  13. I am already a Crystal.Cattle facebook FAN!!!!!
    p.s. SO proud of you!!

  14. And I am looking forward to....hmmm...finishing my Mexico sink project and starting a new one!! (my poor husband! and to think he's thinking March will just be about calving....)

  15. When are you announcing the winner? Can I get a signed copy? I'll glady accept delivery at @okyouthexpo

  16. Great picture!
    I am looking forward to so many things this Month, namely a big trade show I am doing in a couple weeks and also I am headed to provincial playdowns in curling! Exciting stuff!
    I liked both your Facebook page and the Drive Facebook page!

  17. And lastly.... commented on the DRIVE blog!! Have a great night:)

  18. Awesome cover shot! Congratulations! Looking forward to getting out toseveral cattlemen's events across Arizona this month. March is beautiful in AZ :)

  19. I am looking foreward to sale day, my wife is looking foreward to the day after sale day.
    Great cover pic crystal, if you are ever in southeast sask. we will have to do a shoot together, or bring the boy, as we specialize in those kind of shoots.

  20. The winner's have been announced. Congrats to winners Lauren Scheller and Karen Milam Flusche. For those who didn't win you still can subscribed to DRIVE for $20 for one year, including your online subscription. www.drivebyev.com


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