Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lorec Ranch Turquoise


Last weekend when I was in Oklahoma I had the chance to do a little shopping. I mean it was my birthday month, time to spoil myself a little right?

I had drove past Lorec Ranch a million times before, but previous to this day, I never had time to stop. Let's just say I am glad the stars aligned so I could finally pop on in.

Sorry for the camera phone picture.
I insistently fell in love with this turquoise kitchen table set, and I could not believe how reasonably priced it was. I'll invite you all to come have supper at my place on day at this turquoise table. 

I also thought this bedroom was quite pretty. 

I did end up buying one piece, but it was a touch to large for my suitcase! I'll be picking it up in April when I have a vehicle in Oklahoma. Can't wait to show it to you!


  1. I drive by that place all the time too and like you, I've never stopped! Now, I might have to make time to pop in someday!

    I LOVE that kitchen table!

  2. That store is AWESOME! That's where most of my parents furniture came from

  3. Would love to redo my house and have that dining set in it!

  4. I L*O*V*E that store! That table wasn't there when I was there to get my bedroom furniture in December. Will have to check it out next trip.
    My new bedroom furniture looks just like what you posted...minus the cross on the footboard.
    Love Love Love that store. It's dangerous!

  5. Love it! So did you buy the table?!

  6. Wow, I'm in love with that table too!!! Gorgeous.

    Thanks for the comment Crystal! I'm excited to be back...I miss writing at work, so it's a great outlet. I'll be following you of course!

  7. Oh I LOVE that kitchen set! It's gorgeous. your blog is totally making me love turquoise!


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