Thursday, March 3, 2011

No cowboys left.

The heart of the west. 

"If you take the cowboy out of society you are going to lose people with integrity and honor and heart and  love for country." CJ Hadley, Range Magazine.

I love this quote from CJ Hadley, in the last I am Angus video. I think about things like this. What if the cowboy disappears. What if people can't make a living at ranching anymore, and it's tempting to sell the ranch for big dollars to developers. What if water laws, tax laws, animals rights laws are passed making it too hard for the cowboy to make a living. What will happen to the people who are protecting our land and helping feed the world.

I know many of us are far removed from the cowboys of the west, but they are important people that much can be learned from.

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  1. Love that quote! It couldn't be more true

  2. Hannah McCabeMarch 03, 2011

    Beautiful! She has a great story.

  3. This was great, Crystal! Loved her talking about why she loves America and agriculture!


  4. This is great. Thank you for posting!

  5. LOVE the quote! another great i am angus!


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