Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oklahoma Youth Expo Gilts

Grand Drive

As mentioned earlier I am posted up at the Oklahoma Youth Expo this week. Yesterday, was a new experience for me. Not only did I take my first hog photos, but I also did my first hog video!

Below is the Grand Drive video from the Breeding Gilt Show. A couple things. A Grand Drive is the finals. Livestock show first in classes which may be divided by age, weight or breed. Then those animals of similar classification are shown against each other in a division, and finally each division winner is shown against each other in a Grand Drive. Clear as mud? In this show these animals will be used later in life for reproductive purposes. However, most junior shows will also have a market division. Those are the ones that feed us.


  1. hello!

    The video don't wanna work for me!


  2. Leontien, check again. I have tried it from two different IP addresses and it is working. Hope you get to watch.


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