Friday, January 8, 2010

Another 101 update and a little 2010 celebration!

Fireworks and Wedding Bells
To ring in the new year, I was able to scratch off three more items on my 101 list. I am like a completing-goal list machine lately!

1. I headed to Brett's wedding. Brett was on my judging team at Butler and K-State and was our resident Alabamian (not sure if that is right - and I am pretty sure that Brett will let me know!) He married his beautiful bride Karen, in Alabama, on January 1. The judging team definitely gave our approval - Karen is awesome - quick witted, beautiful, and see even wanted a group picture of all us. Welcome to the family!

Judging Team members from Butler and K-State, and the newlyweds!

Brett and Karen. They played a few seconds of Sweet Home Alabama after the pastor said "I know pronounce you husband and wife. Loved it!

2. I got to see Christie in Bowling Green. Christie was also on my Butler and K-State judging teams, and she graciously opened her house to all of us coming in for New Year's and Brett's wedding. She has an awesome house, fit for lots of people - once a few air mattresses were laid on the floor.

3. I found a great new restaurant! Bailey Pub & Grille on Broadway Street in Nashville. This is where our group started off the night. Their French Dip was like eating prime rib! Plus, we got to watch the Virginia Tech game and more World Junior Hockey. Needless to say all those Tennessee people didn't really like us cheering against them, and again Lance and I were made fun of for our love of hockey.

Love these girls. Just like the old Buco Juco days.

Emilie ringing in the New Year right!


  1. Good to see your list progressing. When is the finish date for 1001? Love your dress for the wedding. Happy 2010.

  2. Thanks! It was even on sale.


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