Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hockey - Twitter, Streaming Internet, and a little Facebook

This goes to show I am truly Canadian

Last night there was a fairly big game on TV - the World Junior Hockey Championship Gold Medal Game! However, due to a lack on interest in the sport by my fine Midwest American friends, I couldn't find it anywhere. And then Social Media came to the rescue. I posted a message on my Facebook profile that I would love to receive updates from any of those that were getting to watch the game. Quickly suggestions of a Twitter page that was giving updates, a website that was streaming the game live - for FREE - and a little Facebook chat with my Facebook friends and sister came pouring in. The day was saved, and I got to  blissfully watch the game - Canada vs. the USA.

Now I am pretty sure I scared my roommate Miss South Dakota to death with my fits of excitement and then disappointment. As R3 said Miss South Dakota has probably never seen me with my game face on. After three periods the game was tied and was sent into a 20 minute 4 on 4 overtime (R3 said I was confusing her with my hockey talk!) The outcome sadly was a USA win. However, my classy Canadians still applauded the USA as the did the tradition jump into a pile celebration. It was one of the most exciting hockey games I have seen in awhile. Now bring on the Olympics!

Photo courtesy of Canadian Press.


  1. When a game is this good, it helps take the pain away. Good competion makes us all better. Nothing worse than a 16-0 hockey game.

  2. It was a great game. The both teams should be very proud of their youth. I don't think it will be the last time we here of these hockey players.


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