Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who knew 50 would be so cool...

Actually, I am quite happy with being 24 years old, but...

I have 50 followers! Thanks so much to everyone who has been following my blog. Who knew that 194 blog posts later people would still be interested in hearing what I have to say. I hope you have enjoyed my crazy combination of agriculture advocacy, road trips, wedding stories (be prepared it looks like there will be plenty more in 2010), amazing cowboy boots, and just a little bit about the life of an ag girl.

I have lots up my sleeve this year, so hold on tight. And in the meantime if you have questions shoot away, my email address is under my profile, and if you see me out-and-about come introduce yourself.

And to those of you wondering what is this following thing is. See that button on the right hand side of my blog click it and you will be notified whenever I have a new post. To make a profile is real simple you can use an email address (it doesn't have to be a gmail account). When you login to your account you will see the updates. It is a great tool to follow all the great blogs you find! I can't even count how many are on my list now. OK that's not true I can count that high, I just haven't yet.

Have a great day, and here is to another 50 followers in the future!

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  1. Congratulations on 50! It is wonderful that we can share with so many people through blogging. We are blessed when we find others with similar interest. I grew up around Ag on my small family farm. I worked in Ag for many years doing field safety inspections. I also love western it!!

    I wish you much more greatness and blessings! ~ Yoli :)


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