Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HSUS why don't you try and help the animals

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Well the HSUS sure did a good job of trying to prevent animal agriculture from being sustainable this year, using funds from people that think their donation will be helping those helpless kittens and puppies on their hear-wrenching TV commercials. Well here is some news:

According to the Center of Consumer Freedom and HSUS's 2008 tax return out of the $99 million HSUS budget less than one-half of one percent was spent on animal shelters. However working for HSUS is not a bad gig, as more than $37 millions was spend on employee salaries and more than $4 million on professional fundraising fees. I am pretty sure $99 million could buy a pretty fancy dog house and a few bags of dog food, but that isn't where the money is landing.

HSUS's priority isn't those animal shelters. They want to end animal agriculture. That is why they donated $2.3 million to a group called "California for Humane Farms," who campaigned for "Prop 2" in California. And "Prop 2" passed - setting a precedent for what the rest of the country would have to fight against.

I think the ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) does a great job, and are an important organization. Unforunately, there are people that don't treat their pets or animals properly, and the ASPCA does a great job of helping animals and creating awareness.

Be sure you friends and family knows what HSUS stands for before they choose to align themselves or donate to this organization.


  1. Not running a local shelter, does not mean we do not provide direct care for thousands of animals - please read our CEO's recent blog about this in particular. It also addresses the CCF. You can see it here

  2. Sarah,

    Can you point us towards a simple breakdown of how the HSUS spends its income (pie chart?). I'm not gonna wade through that whole tax form. The link you provided doesn't seem to address this (and the very emotional, aggressive writing style is pretty unconvincing...)

  3. Crystal -
    Kudos to you!!!!! People are really starting to take notice - that should really make you feel good about what your doing for the industry! See you next week!

  4. Jennifer Ann SmithJanuary 07, 2010

    Way to go Crystal! Keep it up! Continue the fire and passion!

  5. Great Job Crystal!It's great to get the word out there. There is a lot the public doesn't know, and especially here in Canada, little is known. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank-you for everyone's comments. As you can see HSUS uses a lot of emotionally driven arguments. I understand that once laws are passed it is easier to enforce certain actions, however I still think it is unexplainable why more money can be put towards actual animals. This won't be the last I have to say on animal rights groups and their tactics!


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