Tuesday, January 5, 2010

National Western Stock Show

It's almost here! 

I love the Stock Show. There is just something about that show that makes it so special. Maybe it's being down in the yards, with the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop, or the trek up and down the hill you make ten times a day, the sound of blowers, or the pesky security guards that try to keep you out of the make-up area. It boils down to this - I love cattle shows.

I went to my first Denver when I was 18 years old. I had gotten a job with Express Ranches. I was down in the yards working on the Angus pen and carload bulls, and man we worked hard, but I loved it. Blowing cattle until they were bone-dry took on a whole new meaning. I made some awesome friends that week, people I still stay in touch with today.

The following years I went to Denver with Browarny's aka Show Champions. Browarny's were just starting to sell photos online, but most were sold through me or one of the other sales girls that were along. I am pretty sure Mindy Schnoor paid a pretty big chunk of my college tuition by buying photos of all her daughter winnings from me! Being at the backdrop was another great way to meet people and make friends. Even though it has been four years since I have worked for Browarny's I still have people come up to me and say your the Browarny's girl, right?

I mentioned that I am Angus, a huge documentary project that my boss and I have been working on, was airing on RFD-TV. Last night was a pretty exciting time! It has been pretty cool to have friends from across the country text, email, call or facebook me seeing they saw the program. Below is my favorite segment of the show, and it only increases my excitement for the Stock Show. The video makes me laugh because not that much has changed in the showring! Hope to see you in Denver.

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