Monday, January 25, 2010

Purple Banner Designs

Unique Cattle Gifts
So it seems like there is going to be another explosion of wedding this year, and babies too. Hmm, imagine that after two years of wedding season, now it's baby season - surprising.

I came across Purple Banner Designs that specializes in kids T-shirts, hoodies and now note cards. They have all kinds of fabric choices and can do a wide array of livestock appliqués. And the other great thing is that her prices are really reasonable!

Always a great idea to have some cute note cards around.

And if you really want to dress your children up matchy, matchy style this is the way to go.


  1. Crystal Young...we think a little too much alike! Mark founds these shirts a couple of months ago and insisted we made some for my niece Avery. They turned out really good and were super easy to do yourself!

  2. OH!!! I LOVE these...I'm just going to sit here and oogle over.

  3. Glad you girls enjoyed. I think we will be having a future give-a-way so you'll have to check back.


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