Monday, January 11, 2010

The phrases cattlemen use - Sweetheart Sale

Hear is your laugh for the day.

The Sweetheart Sale catalog is out. And you may say so... I'm not in the cattle business, or they have clubbies and that's not my thing, or it's just another catalog. However, I promise this catalog is unlike any other catalogs out there. As you start flipping through the sale lots you will find footnotes like:

Lot 3 - Like the saying goes,"the best looking women don’t always make the best cooks," but I think this one breaks the mold.
Lot 6 - Power to the ninth degree. They don’t get any stouter or bigger boned than Laura. Boom, boom and the ground shakes when she walks. This is a mating from heaven with Laura and Carpe Diem. If this mating doesn’twork, "I’ll eat shit and bark at the moon."
Lot 14 - She’s small, little and hairy. No, it’s is not your pocket toy.
Lot 26 - This heifer is out of the hired man’s cow. Whatever she brings won’t be enough for what Robert is worth to our program. He is truly an unreplaceable person in our operation. This female is definately AI bred and Robert needs a different pickup; so he decided to sell this one. 
I love it. Made my day, just like this catalog does every year. And I am pretty sure one day when I have my own sale I am calling Greg Kroupa for advice.


  1. Dad and I both thought that they were not as good as last years. But its still a good read.

  2. Ha ha ha!! These are awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I read Greg's catalog every year, if you meet him in person, you'd see why his footnotes are like this. He really calls a spade a spade and tells it like it is.


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