Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Own Texas - Go State

I bleed purple.

Someone once asked me if I had always loved K-State. The truth is until August 2008 when I started my first fall semester at K-State there were just another school to me... and then I got sucked in. Last night, Miss South Dakota was once again startled by my game face mode. As she came up the stairs from getting home she said, "There must be a game on." There sure was. No. 1 Texas vs. my No. 12 Kansas State Wildcats (try saying it in your best big booming announcer's voice. It sounds better that way.) I will spare you the highlight reel, because really in the end all that maters is that we won! Yes that's right we defeated the undefeated Texas Dream Team. As the clocked ticked down my beloved K-State fans started yelling "We Own Texas." You can check out a video here.

The sports commentator thought we could have been classier and been cheering something like "Thank-you" or "Good work," um probably not. I thought we might have stormed the court, but K-State fans remained behind the lines, and I found this quote today that maybe explains why.

Teams rush floors when they do something phenomenal,” said Kansas State forward Curtis Kelly, who had 17 points and eight rebounds against one college basketball’s best front lines. “It’s flattering. They knew we were going to win. They didn’t have to rush the floor because they believed in us.” - Click here for the full story
And one last thing I wanted to share with you. If you haven't became a Facebook fan of Frank Martin, K-State's basketball coach, I highly recommend it. He likes to post statuses such as this...
Hello... How about that ride in? I guess that is why they call it the Octogon of Doom. "haha" You guys may not know this but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one man Cat Pack. But when STATE hired me I knew that I had been a Wildcat my entire life and my Cat Pack grew by one. So wher......e there were two, there were two of us in the Cat Pack.


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