Monday, January 31, 2011

How to write an #agblog - agriculture blog Part 2

Telling our story

In the past 60 days numerous other agriculture blogs have popped up, which is great for two reasons. 1. Farmers and rancher are becoming better advocates, and I think are realizing that it is important to tell our agriculture story. 2. For consumers you are going to get a better look at where you food comes from, and the people raising it without even leaving your kitchen table.

Last time I had a few tips on starting an #agblog (really these tips can be applied to any blog) and now I am excited about another resource you can use to help you get that blog off the ground. The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) Young Producer Council (YPC) have put together a series of social media guide including a "How to Guide for Beef Bloggers." I was fortuante enough to be able to work on this project lead by Cari Rinicker, with contributions also made by Chelsea Good, Sharon Briener and Erica Beck.

A subject that I touched on is a questions I get quite often - are people really reading my blog? There are a couple things to remember.

1. First off I think it is best when you are blogging for yourself. You will get much enjoyment out of your blog if you aren't writing for the comments.

2. However, it is nice to get a little encouragement once in awhile. Be sure to add Google Analytics to your blog. Only about one percent of blogger comment. Adding Google Analytics will allow you to know how many people are reading your blog and where the are finding (from link on your facebook page, twitter, a chat board etc.)

3. Make it easy to comment. About six months ago I allowed anonymous comments to be posted to my blog. Some people are going to want to interact with you, but not create an account to comment. Ninety percent of my anonymous commenters have left their name anyways. Also, I have removed the security word that you have to type in after leaving a comment. The security word is to protect against spam, however I have only had one spam comment and I was able to delete it easily. You want your readers to be able to comment as quickly and easily as possible.

4. Interact with your readers. Make sure you respond to their comments and say thank-you. Blogging is about a community, interacting and networking with others.

These are just a couple tips. I you have other tips or questions I would love to hear them! And for more advice visit the How to Blog Tab at the top of my Blog.


  1. Thank you for this information. As I start to find my ground within the ranching world I think I will soon start blogging about issues that matter to me most, for myself of course, but also to spread the word since I've learned not a lot of people know much about the ranching industry.
    I appreciate this post.

  2. Great tips! Good things for all of us to remember.

  3. Good ideas. Especially the part about writing for yourself, it is important to be passionate about what you write. Some people believe the emotion before the facts and science.

  4. Glad it was helpful! It you have more tips be sure to share.

  5. One more tip: If you have a blog, you cannot add Google Analytics at this time. It does have WordPress Stats that tell where traffic comes from, but my understanding is it is not as detailed. You can add it to a site though. You have to weigh how easy is to use, against how much info you need, I think.

  6. Awesome comment Suzie! I obviously am not using Word Press so any tips like that help.

  7. This is really awesome information..thanxs for this...

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