Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day - it's a Canadian thing

Another day of Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their family. I sure did. Way too much food, lots of laughs with family and Santa definitely spoiled all of us. Today, I will be celebrating Boxing Day with my family. No we are aren't going to pull out the gloves and go after each other, and no it's not the day that we pack up all of our Christmas decor.

Boxing Day is an English holiday, and is celebrated by Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, and the United Kingdom. I've been told the the purpose for the holiday was a long time ago, landlords and the wealthy would fill boxes, that the peasants had placed outside of their homes, with food and gifts. Today, I am pretty sure not many people realize the true meaning behind Boxing Day, and do one of three things to celebrate:

1. Use it as a second day of Christmas (my family will be headed south to spend Boxing Day with my dad's side of the family. Christmas was spent with my mom's side of the family.)

2. Boxing Day is like the U.S.'s Black Friday. So I am sure there were hundreds of people lined up at stores this morning to score deals.

3. Hockey. The IIHF World Junior Hockey Tournament is currently taking place in Boston, New York. The Canadian team always has a game on Boxing Day. So as my family gathers around to eat our second Christmas Dinner we'll also be cheering on Team Canada as they take on Russia. (p.s. as a side note 66% of the all the tickets to the ENTIRE tournament have been sold to Canadians. I think the tournament should really just be held in Canada every year. Just saying.)

What will your family be doing today?


  1. We traveled back home from my parent's house in Florida. A long drive for us. Most people in America use this day for either an extended Christmas with family or shopping the sales.

  2. I had the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing. No cooking, cleaning, entertaining, shopping. Nothing. I was LUVIN it all day! Happy Merry Boxing Day All!

  3. Awesome, now I know the meaning! Thanks for the education! My hubby and I spent a wonderful day at home after church.

  4. While I've heard of Boxing Day I didn't know anything of its history, or even that it's Dec 26, but it sounds like a great way to expand Christmas so there's time enough for all loved ones!

  5. Thanks for the Boxing Day lesson - we were discussing it in our house. Happy New Year Crystal - glad your trip was fantastic.


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