Monday, December 6, 2010

Throw a Party, Learn About Ag

Who doesn't love a party?

Obviously, the people in Michigan get pretty excited about a party. More than 500 people showed up for the Lapeer County Farm Bureau "Farmology" event. The idea was to showcase agriculture to consumers, and create a place where farmers and their neighbors could interact. Included amongst the party goers were 300 diners for a special 100-mile meal that featured agriculture products within a 100-mile radius.

Interactive agriculture displays and demonstrations were also part of the night, giving party-goers a hands on experience in agriculture.

So what if your barn or living room doesn't fit 500 people?

The next time you are hosting the football watch party or baby shower consider serving food that represents your farm. You can find tons of beef recipes, pork recipes, and corn recipes here.

Consider making place cards with agriculture facts or having ag coloring sheets for your younger party guests. Don't be afraid to include your guests in the day to day farm activities either. I know when school friends used to come over and play, chores still had to be done and they got to come with my sister and I! They loved seeing the cows and getting to be that close to something that was so foreign to them. 

Consumer don't always get a chance to visit farms and ranches so considering inviting them to yours.

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