Friday, December 3, 2010

My #agblog-er friends

Three posts, three must reads

I really wanted to get my Agribition post typed up last night, but it just wasn't happening. I promise there will be a recap soon including details of the Boy meeting the parents. Yes, he is still around ;)

So in the meantime I want to give you three other great #agblogs to read today. Each of them covered a different subject and all are worth a read. My #agblog friends really are on a roll today!

#1 Confessions of a Farm Wife
I love her witty writing and today she discusses something that hits close to home people attacking the things that farmers grow and raise.
High fructose corn syrup (aka sugar made from corn), red meat, flour, and the like have become bad words in our eating conversations. Why is that? Why are foods such as a pot roast and flour used to bake bread, staples such as flour and hamburger, which are in most of the recipes my 96 year old grandmother uses (she is the lady who has no allergies, no major health issues, and no lengthy hospital stays, sans a hip replacement when she was 92) considered bad? 
Read more about The Secret to Weight Loss-Farmer Style

#2 Wag'N Takes - Mommy of 4 loving her farm life
This is an excellent post about what farmers and ranchers really go through to produce the food that ends up on families dinner tables.
Watch your son’s first ball game from a video tape, celebrate your wife’s birthday two months late, walk into church while the second hymn is being sung…all because a cow was calving and needed help, you had one more round to make before the storm let loose, or the crop needed to be planted, sprayed or harvested. Have your life played out around seasons, weather and all things that you have no control over. Work in those conditions…then you can complain about where your food comes from. 

Read more about An Open Invitation 

#3 High Country Cattle Services
This is my parent's blog and today they talk about why we are in the business of raising purebred Simmental cattle. You'll have to read their post, but I completely agree with their answer!
Our co-workers often ask why do we go to all the trouble?  Why not just have a few cows, calve them on grass, sell some calves and be done with all of this nonsense of shows, sales, registrations, following pedigrees etc.
Read more about The Difference Between Commercial Cattle and Purebreds 

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  1. These sound like great links--I'm particularly interested in the post from Confessions of a Farm Wife. Congrats on being nominated for the award!


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