Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Going Back: NFR and Cowboy Boots

Only a year ago

If you have noticed a lot of tired cowboys and cowgirls this week I might have the solution - NFR. That's right folks the National Finals Rodeo started last week and will wrap up this weekend. It's is like the Super Bowl of Rodeo, however it doesn't come on at night until 9 CST. Late nights, sleepy people. 

This year R3 and I will not be sneaking away to Vegas so I thought we could reminisce a little. Remember these cowboy boots?

Yup, they are still $1,800 and I still don't own a pair.

Oh how I long to wear dresses and cowboy boots, fur vests and all of your jewelry at once without getting any questionable looks. That stuff doesn't fly in the barn yard when cattle are expecting to get fed. However, if you are venturing to Vegas in the next few day you might want to take a glimpse at our NFR Survival Kit.

So for those of you going enjoy yourself! And report back with all your great finds. 

And don't forget about the giveaway. Enter here and I'll draw a winner next week. 

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