Thursday, December 16, 2010

Turquoise Totes and Amy Butler

I wish I had a thousand hours in the day. 

Last summer on a little shopping trip with my friend Abby, I discovered Amy Butler fabric. It is amazing. And it contains a lot of turquoise colors, so obviously it suited my color platte.

And then I found this tote, and yes it is created with Amy Butler fabric. Something about this bright colors remind me that the Spring and warm weather will eventually return.

I mean can't you see yourself carrying this tote from barn to town, carrying the essentials - calving book, lip gloss, wallet, sunglasses, a fencing staple (I always seemed to end up with those in my pockets or purses back when I was on the farm.)

Or maybe you live a more normal life and it won't smell like the barn.

Or maybe you need a new turquoise wallet. p.s. These would all make great Christmas gifts, just hurry.

Or maybe you are addicted to Starbucks like my sister and could use you own personal coffee cozy. If an of my Aussie friends are reading this today please remind me what you call these - was it a stubby?


  1. Loving the Amy Butler....only wish I had a tiny bit of talent to actually use her fabric for something...oh well!

  2. I am fascinated by these people creations! Some people are so talented with a needle and tread.


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