Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What I gave for Christmas - cows, books and handmade

The supreme gift giver

I like to think that I am a pretty good gift giver. I get a thrill out of finding that perfect something for friends and family. I did pretty good this year, having all of my gifts bought a couple weeks before Christmas. Gift Logistics can sometime be tricky, living in the States and celebrating Christmas in Canada means taking home an extra suitcase that just contained gifts.

So what were some of the highlights?

These customized ear tags were for my dad. We put a ear tag in each of our cows so we can I.D. them easily and keep more accurate records on them. It's like an I.D. earring. Although, I believe each cow has a distinct personality and look, when there is a pen full of solid black or solid red ones an ear tag makes it easier to identify them. On the ear tag each animal has their own number with a letter that corresponds to the year they were born, we also put their sire (dad) and dam (mother) on the tags. My dad will be the coolest farmer on the block with these new tags.

This wire cattle cross was given to a couple people this year. My mom received this version and the Boy's parents received one painted with a Hereford heifer. Jeana Hurlbut, a college friend of mine, makes them. You can read more about the wire crosses here.

My sister loves fashion so after I couple recommendations I got her Nina Garcia's book. (p.s. I love Project Runway!) What I learned from the book? Wear something new on New Years, it sets the tone for the year. If you borrow something you'll be borrowing all year, and if you lend you'll be lending all year. Oh and you're supposed to eat 12 grapes for good luck. Who knew!

This was another one of the gifts I gave my sister. I think the guy at Lowes was wondering what in the world this little blonde girl was going to do with a staple gun, wire cutters and chicken wire when I walked out of there. Hopefully, she'll hang a picture of me on it!

Finally, the Boys did pretty good this Christmas. His gift was the last one I bought, but when the idea came to me I knew it was right. On New Year's Eve we are going to a Bulls game in Chicago. We exchanged gifts when we were out in Telluride skiing last week (pictures to come soon). Before the gift exchange we went to supper with the Boy's family, him and I were seated by his grandparents. During dinner his Grandpa kept going on and on about how one time he bought Bulls tickets for his Grandma for Christmas because she really wanted to see Micheal Jordan. Throughout dinner he kept on mentioning what a great time it was and how cool Chicago, without anyone knowing I had tickets back at our house! The Boy has never seen his favorite team play, and I could sense a little bit of jealousy as it was brought up that another person had been to see the Bulls and he hadn't! Needless to say he was pretty dang excited when I handed over his own set of tickets.


  1. I love the gifts! The cross is beautiful and you're so creative with the picture frame and chicken wire! Great idea:) Have fun at the Bulls game!

  2. Wow. What a very thoughtful person you are! Especially love the cow earrings. Who knew? And I see a business opportunity there, don't you?
    Also, please enjoy Chicago. It's one of my favorite cities. If you get a chance there is a great restaurant called La Colonial downtown that is a great mix of Vietnamese and French fusion. We were just there in August and returned 3 times it was so good. If you go, the ginger martini is killer!

  3. FUN gifts! I love giving gifts like that too...although I don't think I'm quite as creative as you!

    Have a great time at the game!

  4. I love the picture holder frame with the chicken wire! Such a great idea...I just might have to try that sometime!


    The ear tags are awesome!

  6. Awesome gifts. And your dad's cattle will so be stylin' with those ear tags!


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