Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's time for an update

101 things in 1001 days

OK blog friends, this is not your fault but... part of the reason I put my 101 in 1001 list on my blog is so I would have to be accountable to you. So someone keep me accountable because I am falling behind!

But I have gotten a few more things scratched off my list, so here is your update.

33. Give a handmade gift. 
For Christmas I have tapped into my inner Martha Stewart (although the boy says I am better looking than her) and crafted a few creations this past weekend. I am now a proud owner of a staple gun and wire cutters.

Now I know the pictures are a little burry, but these are some of the homemade chocolates I made. And now the wire cutters and staple gun was not needed for this project.

57. Send out Christmas cards
Yes, I was bad and didn't send them out to everyone, but I got a handful in the mail and people are already receiving them. It's getting scratched off the list.

94. Attend Church 12 times in 12 months
So summer and Australia really messed this one up! I got so close 11 times in 12 months, but I am sticking to my guns. I really do enjoy my church and pastor. Going always seems to bring a sense of calm over me.

So now I need your opinion. So of the things on my list I am just not going to accomplish. 5. Visit Emilie in PA (other than her wedding) Well Emilie has since moved back to Kansas. 62. Go on a blind date - a credible friend has to set me up. I don't think the Boy would appreciate me fulfilling this one. So do I scratch these off and add some new goals?


  1. Replace the trip to PA with another friend trip and the getting set up on a blind date by setting a friend up on a blind date. I know you have lots of single friends!

  2. Chelsea's idea is great! You do have to replace them, not just strike them off:)

  3. Totally agree...scratch them. Life changes daily and so should your list! Go for something totally indulgent or crazy....expensive boots and skydiving anyone?! Call know I'm in for anything! :)

  4. I'm with KC, scratch 'em off.

  5. Ok well I am making the change. The next update will include what the new goals are. Farmerstrophywife would you like to give me a loan for said boots?

  6. I love these updates Crystal - congrats on your lofty, but fun goals to step outside of your comfort zone. I would say just scratch them off, the goals changed - you didn't change them!?


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