Monday, December 13, 2010

Nothing Beats Beef

I would have to agree. 

Meat and Livestock Australia is an organization that I learned about on my trip to Australia this fall. MLA is similar to the Canadian Cattlemen's Association or the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. Thanks to my good friend Jasmine and Trio Angus (an excellent Australian agvocacy blog) they pointed me in the direction of Meat and Livestock Australia's new advertising campaign.

I think a few of us have probably had this feeling when we sit down for banquets, conferences and in this case weddings.

The video compliments the website which gives tips and techniques for cooking beef, as well as information on it's nutritional value. Beef is an excellent way to get you Zinc, Iron and Protein and can fit into the most health conscious diets especially when you choose one of the 29 lean cuts of beef (choosing a cut with loin or round in the name is an ease way to get one of those lean choices.)

So remember serve your guest beef no matter what kind of dinner table they are sitting at. 


  1. The wedding ad is great isn't it! I love it!

  2. I love that commercial! Reminds me why I started Fishless Friday in my house.

  3. I LOVE this!!! I'm so happy you shared this!


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